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Frequencies that enhance your body's natural abilities to be well, heal and be your best self.

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Quantum Resonance Products:

Enhance Vitality

Enhance your balance, energy, strength and coordination. When your body resonates to one frequency, vitality benefits.

For sports, focus, grounding, harmony.

Promote Self-Healing

Promotes your body's ability to handle internal assaults on health and wellness. Restores your body's ability to better fight off inflammation and sources of discomfort.

Protect Against Random Electro-Magnetic Fields

Cancel out random frequencies you are exposed to daily that compromise your body's ability to achieve wellness. Transmutes frequencies assaulting you from cell phones, computers, televisions, monitors, electronics, lights, radios, etc. 

About Quantum Resonance

We have the natural ability to create our own wellness.

We are separated from clean air, fertile earth, pure water, and it is killing us slowly. Quantum Resonance products restore our ability to return to wellness.

Quantum Resonance products offer natural restorative frequencies in attractive accessories.

QR frequencies help your body to calm itself, aid focus, enhance energy, balance and coordination. No chemicals, no magnets, no temporary applications. 


QR products have been available for over 10 years. Our business thrives on referrals and return customers expanding their frequency wardrobes.

Our technology is guaranteed for life, and we offer a 30 day money back, no questions asked guarantee. 

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Contact us about full customization - select your own frequency and/or have us imprint your own jewelry or personal accessory. Free quotes.

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Do you have an event and need vendors and/or speakers?

One of our table layouts. We have professional banners and table runners.

We are always interested in educating new audiences about the power of frequencies to enhance health and wellness. We are a great fit for wellness, holistic events, women's and men's expos,and active lifestyle/sporting events. Our pet bands fit well at any type of pet event - dog, cat, equine, other companion pet events, expos, shows or fests, etc. We are experienced seminar and lecture speakers and are interactive with the audience. For more information, text or call Richard at 571.344.5944. (Mesa, AZ), or email him at

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